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Staffing Structure Parkstone September 2017

Headteacher Mrs S Waller
Deputy Head Mr J Rogers

Foundation Stage

Foundation Stage teachers: Mrs K West and Mrs C Austin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Hewer, Miss D Smith and Miss A Story

Key Stage 1

Year 1 teachers: Mrs Gill and Mrs Waudby

Year 2 teachers: Miss Draper Martin and Miss R King

Teaching Assistants: Mrs J Beadle, Mrs T Seaton, Miss T Lord, Mrs T Hewitt and Mrs K Burr


Key Stage 2

Year 3 and 4 Phase leader and Y3/4 teacher: Mrs C Woollin (Assistant Headteacher)

Year 3 teacher: Mrs A Derrick and Mrs C Wigglesworth

Year 3/4 teacher: Mrs J Holtby

Year 4 teacher: Mrs S Damary-Thomson

Teaching Assistants: Miss J Nettleton and Mrs Freeman

Year 5 and 6 Phase Leader and Y6 teacher: Miss L Tindall (Assistant Headteacher)

Year 6 teacher: Miss S Lamerton

Year 5 teachers: Mrs A Jacobs and Mrs L Whitworth

Teaching Assistants: Mrs V Tock, Miss Rossington and Mrs S Mallory


Administration Staff:

Admin Manager: Mrs L Warrener

Admin Assistant: Mrs C Archer

School Site Facilitator: Mr B Warrener