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Vision and Values

Every school needs a clear set of aims and an ethos in order to express vision and values in their pursuite of excellence. Here you will find an outline of ours which will show you our educational model. See the information below and to the right.

Our School Vision

  • To maintain a friendly, welcoming environment, where each child feels valued, safe and secure.
  • To ensure that all children have outstanding teaching that responds to the needs of individuals and attains high academic outcomes.
  • To provide a stimulating and interesting curriculum that provides practical experiences which develop a range of skills and the acquisition of knowledge.
  • To establish an effective and constructive partnership between home and school.
  • To involve all stakeholders and the local community with the daily life of the school.

To be confident that when children leave Parkstone Primary school they have achieved their full potential; achieving the very best they can be and are fully prepared for the next stage of their education.

School Aims

Our school is committed to providing a wide range of high quality learning experiences, which enrich, challenge and stimulate the children and lead to the development of their growth in education.

School Aims & Ethos

  • To raise standards of achievement for all.
  • To provide a caring, safe, ordered and stimulating environment in which children may grow in confidence, knowledge and self-esteem.
  • To encourage pupils to develop lively, enquiring, imaginative and creative minds and to become independent and confident learners.
  • To aspire to be a fully inclusive school: to recognise and value the efforts and achievements of all.
  • To enable pupils to use number and language effectively to foster an understanding of healthy living and an appreciation of aesthetic, scientific and technological achievements.
  • To enable pupils to recognise their strengths and set appropriate personal goals.
  • To develop positive partnerships with parents, carers and the wider community. This will enable pupils to embrace the challenge of life in the wider world and find and enrich their place in it.
  • To nurture in pupils the ability to develop a reasoned set of attitudes, values and beliefs and behaviours to encourage them to become positive citizens. To foster respect for adults, each other and the school environment.

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